The Girls

Our chickens are 7 months old now, and 3 out of the 4 are laying eggs fairly regularly!

Deadbeat on the left

I thought we would be overwhelmed with the amount of eggs, but so far it’s been perfect!  We are usually get 3 one day and then 1 the next.  My favorite so far are the araucana eggs, which are the prettiest blue color!  I’m hoping chicken #4, pictured above, will start laying soon, as she will have blue eggs  too (although there is a small chance this type of chicken will have green, sometimes even pink, eggs).

Ollie has started acting like he just noticed the chickens exist, although I think he’s just bored.  He doesn’t even look at them unless I’m outside, although he does like to eat their… “droppings” when we move the coop.



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