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Quinoa Veggie “Patties”

First, I have to be honest that the absolute best part of this meal, was this: I mean these were good, but a cocktail with fresh lemons delivered to you from California can’t be beat.  Now that we have that out of the way… These were originally called burgers, but I ate them on a … Continue reading

Hearty Frittata

Now that we have 4 chickens laying, we have a LOT of eggs!  I think when I got home from work today we had at least 20, so something had to be done.   Kyle bought an issue of Clean Eating Magazine as a stocking stuffer for me, and there are tons of recipes in … Continue reading

Kitchen failures

Even though the last few things I’ve made have not turned out very well, I decided to share them anyways.  Last week I decided to try a crustless quiche, thinking it wouldn’t be a big deal and would save a few calories.  While the crustless part wasn’t a problem… I missed it.  It was all … Continue reading