Stitch Fix: I’m in Love

I’ve read many, many blog posts about Stitch Fix, but just told myself it was out of my price range. End of story. Except that I signed up, and am keeping some of my stuff, so never mind… If you want details, just visit the site (my referral link), but essentially: You pay $20 and … Continue reading


Last summer we were so fortunate to receive a 5 year old rhubarb plant! My parent’s neighbors had recently started raising chickens, and the rhubarb plant was smack dab in the middle of their chicken coop area. Supposedly rhubarb is poisonous, although I know multiple people that have chickens and they feast on their rhubarb … Continue reading

Herringbone quilt

Just some quick pictures and links to share today (with food to come tomorrow, I hope). One of my close friends is due with her first child, a girl, in August, and I was so excited to make a quilt for her! I knew they were doing bright colors in the nursery, with a tropical … Continue reading

The Weekend

I have multiple recipes to share, but am just not motivated enough to get the pictures off of my camera! In lieu of that, here is a look at my weekend! We have been working on our garden non-stop the past week and a half! Oregon has been blessed with some beautiful April weather, and … Continue reading

Thai Chicken Quinoa

I love quinoa. I may have mentioned this before, but my fall back dinner plan is always quinoa mixed with black beans, cilantro, garlic, chili powder, and lime, topped with an overeasy egg. It is the simplest of dinners, and super filling! The quinoa I buy is from Costco, so of course I have 5 … Continue reading

DIY Red Pepper Flakes

Can you believe it’s already time to start garden planning?!  (Or past time, depending on where you live.) In Oregon we still have about a month before our last frost, but seeds can easily be started indoors so they’re ready for planting. This will be our third year using seeds from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, … Continue reading

Lemon meringue pie

Do you like lemon meringue pie? I’m not even sure I had tasted it before I made this recipe. I know growing up this would not have been my first choice of dessert, in fact lemon is probably never going to be my first option… chocolate always seems to be more indulgent. This pie though; … Continue reading

Loving lately- TV

In a recent money saving/husband bargaining move, I cancelled our television service. I know that it isn’t the end of the world, and countless people have shared how they don’t have TV and it’s way better… blah, blah, blah. 🙂 I love watching TV and am okay admitting that! The convenience of having the shows … Continue reading

Sandwich Bread

Growing up I remember thinking I didn’t like white bread, although I have no idea what that was based on. I’m still not a huge fan of store bought white bread and always get wheat, but homemade bread is another story! I have had a free sample Red Star Platinum Yeast sitting on my counter … Continue reading