Kitchen failures

Even though the last few things I’ve made have not turned out very well, I decided to share them anyways.  Last week I decided to try a crustless quiche, thinking it wouldn’t be a big deal and would save a few calories.  While the crustless part wasn’t a problem… I missed it.  It was all I could think about with each bite.

Anyways, I had a few recipes I was using for guidance, but for the most part, made it up.  I won’t share the recipe since A) it wasn’t good, and B) I didn’t write it down!Image

It did turn out pretty though.  I used fresh spinach, and I think my main issue was not sauteing it enough, as the quiche turned out pretty watery.  Also, I think my egg to milk ratio was a little off.  Using fresh eggs, which are not as big as the large size store bought ones I’m used to, has been an adjustment.  

I will admit I still had it for lunch the next day, and didn’t hate it, but I was the only one going in for seconds.


Next time… 🙂


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