Strawberry Margaritas

Sometimes I forget how much I love freshly made margaritas. I am not a fan of ones made with mixes, but when you use freshly squeezed juices and fruits, they are infinitely better! My favorite recipes have been from the blog Confections of a Foodie Bride. She uses a recipe for homemade margarita mix (water, … Continue reading

Recent Reads

I spent the majority of this last weekend starting and finishing Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn, and am still trying to process my thoughts! Anyone else read it yet? I did like it; the plot has lots of twists to it, some of which are kind of dark and disturbing, and really kept me guessing … Continue reading

Simple Falafel

When I started this dinner, I had big plans to take some pictures and then share the recipe. Then I made a margarita. Then I made another. I do have pictures of my condiments, and the final product with a bite taken out of it, but not one, single picture of the actual falafel. If … Continue reading

Chevron Chenille Blanket

I’m finally to the age where all my friends are starting to have babies, or at least think about it! 🙂  I’ve had this blanket tutorial saved for months, and when a close friend told me she was expecting, I decided it was time to try it out. They are finding out today if it’s … Continue reading

These doughnuts

Guys, these doughnuts were amazing. Don’t judge them based on my crappy phone photo. I’m not honestly even sure how I stopped myself from eating six or seven in a row! Baked doughnuts obviously have a different texture than fried doughnuts, but I wouldn’t argue that one is better than the other. I have found … Continue reading

Oodles of eggs

I really don’t remember discussing getting chickens with my husband. It certainly never crossed my mind growing up that I would own more than a dog, I mean, I am not a farm girl. One Sunday, he suggested we go to Wilco and look at the chicks; we came home with 4 chicks, a heat … Continue reading

Loving lately

In the spirit of some of my favorite blogs, I’m going to attempt to share some of my favorite things every once in a while! Lately, I’ve been loving: Prints from Hello Maypole I mean seriously, have you ever seen more beautiful writing than this? Whenever the time comes to decorate a nursery, I am … Continue reading

Quinoa Cakes with Eggs

This may seem rather similar to the quinoa “patties” I last posted, but they are definitely not!  First, you need to look at the source to see how beautiful these babies are, as mine turned out much less so (I would go as far as saying they are ugly). I learned that my husband had … Continue reading

Cauliflower fritters

I don’t really like calling these fritters, as to me that implies frying something in a vat of oil.   Maybe I made that up, but that’s just what I think of! These made for a perfect dinner when I was alone for an evening.  I do think the lettuce I served it on provided … Continue reading