Stitch Fix: I’m in Love

I’ve read many, many blog posts about Stitch Fix, but just told myself it was out of my price range. End of story. Except that I signed up, and am keeping some of my stuff, so never mind…


If you want details, just visit the site (my referral link), but essentially:

You pay $20 and fill out a style profile, a stylist chooses 5 items and sends them to you, you keep and pay for what you like. If you keep stuff, the $20 goes towards that, if you send it all back, you lose that money. The way I see it is that the $20 is covering the shipping to and from you, and it’s fun enough that it’s easy to overlook!

My closet is full of cheap clothing, which I love, but at 28 years of age, it seems like it might be time to slowing start adding 1-2 nice pieces a month, which is what helped me decide to finally bite the bullet. I can honestly say that I’m not sure I’ll be able to wait a full month to schedule another one. The items my stylist chose for me were so spot-on my style that I can’t wait to see what else is out there!

Price-wise, it’s just not that cheap. I’ll include prices with the photos, but essentially it’s like shopping at Nordstrom. However, when people sign up with your referral link, you get a $25 credit, so spreading the word can allow you to do it at least once or twice for fun. I’ve found that no one I’ve told has ever heard about it, so it has been really fun to share. 🙂

One other cool thing is that each item has a little styling card with it, showing you what to wear it with and explaining why it was chosen!

Okay, my first Stitch Fix!

Let’s get this necklace out of the way. I didn’t like it. At ALL. However, based on the Pinterest board I sent my stylist, I totally get why it was chosen for me, I just didn’t like it, so back it goes.

IMG_267941Hawthorn Three Color Hearts Charm Necklace, $28

This shirt, oh this shirt. This is something I would buy if I saw it, the problem is that I haven’t yet encountered anything so “me” at Target or the outlet mall. It’s a little wrinkled from the box, but oh man, I knew this was a keeper before even trying it on. My favorite part, which you can’t see in the photo, is that the front is a loose fitting, lightweight fabric, but the back is a black jersey. It keeps it flowy in the front without being a huge, baby box all the way around, it’s great!

IMG_2682Mystree Abigal Colorblock Lace Trim Top, $58

This shirt is another one that is just very “me”. I won’t lie that around my hips it kind of bunches and is probably not the most figure flattering, but it’s so cute that I don’t care. Some of the details are hard to pick up, like the red contrast stitching. I love this one! Do I think $58 is too expensive for a jersey top? Yes. But sometimes items just speak to you, and this one did. 🙂

IMG_2684Kut from the Kloth Lauren Striped 3/4 Sleeve Jersey Top, $58

This photo actually shows 2 items, the top and skinny jeans. When I saw I was receiving jeans, I immediately wrote them off. I have never liked myself in skinny jeans and didn’t think I could. These were probably a size too small, but I could get them on (I know they stretch out too), but they were so comfortable! I really did consider keeping them, but am in the middle of weight loss right now, so thought it would be a good reward at the end. I really did like the top, but not enough to justify the price. The loose fit was flattering and comfortable.


Kensie Jeans Sophia Skinny Jean $88, 41Hawthorn Ivo Geo-Print Tab-Sleeve Blouse, $68

Everyone around me is probably sick of me talking about how obsessed I am with this stuff, but I am! I can’t wait to do another Fix next month and share what I receive. I can only cross my fingers that it will be as good as this one. My stylist was Angela and she did a fantastic job!

To sign up for your own box, go here:


  • Be honest when filling out the survey. Tell them what you like to wear, not what you like on other people.
  • Make a Pinterest board just for linking to your Style Profile. They look at it!
  • Tell them what you want! If you’re looking for blouses, say that in the comments.

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