The Weekend

I have multiple recipes to share, but am just not motivated enough to get the pictures off of my camera! In lieu of that, here is a look at my weekend!

We have been working on our garden non-stop the past week and a half! Oregon has been blessed with some beautiful April weather, and it really helped kick us into gear with sprucing up around the house. The biggest improvement is new raised beds in our garden area! The list of things we’re planting is long, and we were able to get a few of them into the garden this weekend (zucchini, pumpkin, cucumber, and strawberries). We’re hoping to get some asparagus and lettuce planted this week as well! Can’t complain about this unexpected and beautiful sunny weather!

The weekend also contained a trip to a local nursery where we purchased 15 shrubs to plant to separate the front and back yard, as well as a new dogwood tree. It’s so fun to see all the hard work around the house pay off. Can’t wait to finish painting this summer!


Since completing an Ironman race last November, my husband has been training for his second marathon (third if you count that the Ironman contains one too… and it’s after swimming 2 miles and biking 112). His first marathon was a year and a half ago, and his goal time was over an hour faster (3 hours 5 minutes)! He’s been training so hard, and it was great to see it pay off.

photo (9)

photo (8)

If you’ve never been to a marathon, triathlon, etc, you should put it on your list! Even as a non-runner (well, non-athlete), I can appreciate the excitement that is in the air, and I’m sure if you were looking for some motivation to get started on training, you would get it here! It almost makes getting up at 4:30 am seem like it’s not a big deal… 🙂

My husband did awesome and finished about 8 minutes slower than his goal and has already started researching his next one. I get it though; it’s a lot of work to get to where he is, so it doesn’t make sense to stop now. So far it sounds like it’ll result in a fun weekend trip, so I’m game!

The one frustrating part about this marathon was my unfamiliarity with the course and area in general. I ended up walking about 5 1/2 miles during the first 2 hours of the race and I am definitely feeling it today! At one point I walked as fast as I could a little over 2 miles to get to another part of the course, and by the time I got there he had already passed! I think next time I may bring a bike!


My favorite part? This guy, dressed as a shoe.

Block 15

After going home for naps, we of course had to make a trip to our favorite restaurant, Block 15. Running a marathon (or watching for that matter) definitely requires some fries and beer! The marathon had a great festival for after the race, but none of us were exactly craving a beer at 10:30 in the morning.


It was good to be home last night after a busy weekend, and my little pup sure missed us! Hope everyone else had a great weekend!



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