Loving lately- TV

In a recent money saving/husband bargaining move, I cancelled our television service. I know that it isn’t the end of the world, and countless people have shared how they don’t have TV and it’s way better… blah, blah, blah. 🙂 I love watching TV and am okay admitting that! The convenience of having the shows I like on the DVR, where I can fast forward through commercials, will be something I miss. But, luckily, through modern technology I can still watch all the dang TV I want, I’ll just have to wait until the next day!


Parenthood-S2-Poster-1Since turning off the tube, I decided to start watching Parenthood on Netflix, a show that has been on my list forever. It sounds dramatic to say I’m addicted after 2 days and 9 episodes, but wow, I can’t turn this show off! Some of the “parenting” techniques are not exactly what I hope to use later in life, but the story lines so far have just sucked me in. My reading goal for this year is 45 books, and I have to say that this show in particular is going to throw that off track. (I don’t forsee much reading until I’ve watched every episode…)




16670324_BG2Another absolute favorite is The Voice! I gave up on AI a few years ago, and even tuning in to the first episode or two didn’t last for more than 10 minutes this year. The Voice (and Blake Shelton) are where it’s at! Due to my non-instant viewing capabilities, I have not yet watched last night’s premier, but am excited to see how Shakira and Usher fit in. Hopefully one of them does their interviews with a random pet perched in their lap or on their shoulder.





imagesDownton Abbey. Have you watched? I had heard of it but didn’t have any interest in watching until one of my favorite blogs, Country Cleaver, mentioned it enough times to get me curious enough for one episode. I watched the first 3 seasons in a week and absolutely loved it! I think there is something about the lifestyle that sucks you in. I can’t imagine living a life where formal dinners were required every night, complete with attendants in tuxedos and everything. I was able to find the first season on Netflix, and the second and third on the PBS website, so if you haven’t watched it, I recommend you find it somewhere online.





What good shows am I missing? These three obviously are not the only ones I watch weekly, but there are lots I don’t watch too! I will be honest that I’ve not yet found one ABC show I love, but maybe I just don’t know of them yet. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Loving lately- TV

  1. I forgot to mention Homeland on Showtime! There is quite a bit of boobs and sex (but I guess that’s any showtime show), but it’s so good! I think there are like 2 or 3 season and then the next one starts in like Sept probably when Dexter starts.

    And I freaking love the voice, I like the new judges so much better already!

  2. Totally different feel from Parenthood and The Voice, but I am totally addicted to Prison Break…it is intense, but super good. Brothers & Sisters was another good show…it’s not new by any means, but I love it.
    And congrats on going TV-less (: Bran and I did that when the babies were about 4 months old, and it’s been great!

  3. Parenthood is amazing! I love how it is so easy to relate to and realistic! Downton Abbey sucked me in right away as well!
    I agree with Elissa…Homeland is really good! I’m now watching Nashville, The Big Bang Theory (hilarious), Two Broke Girls, Justified, Revenge, and Mad Men! Thank goodness for DVR!
    Now that I’ve listed these, (knowing there are more on my list) maybe I should turn off my TV! 😳 But I like all of these shows! Can’t say they’re all clean, but some funny, some scary, and intense!

    • I will have to add some of those to my Hulu list. 🙂 I’m all caught up on Parenthood now and am having withdrawals!

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