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goneI spent the majority of this last weekend starting and finishing Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn, and am still trying to process my thoughts!

Anyone else read it yet?
I did like it; the plot has lots of twists to it, some of which are kind of dark and disturbing, and really kept me guessing up until the end. But the end… it’s the worst. I’ve not read many books that left me feeling so unsatisfied! And not in the “leaving it open for a sequel” kind of way; this just ends, and not really in the way you would want it to. From reading other reviews, I don’t think I’m alone in the disappointment. My favorite review so far is from a blog I love, Bev Cooks; her thoughts on the end are “The end: . . . I’m sorry, what? No really, where’s the rest of the book?”. My thoughts exactly! 🙂

I won’t say more so I don’t ruin it for anyone planning to read it. Overall, I liked the plot and do hope they make it into a movie.

BLUM_8.inddMy last read before Gone Girl was Those Who Save Us by Jenna Blum. I absolutely love almost all books that have anything to do with the Holocaust; even if the book itself isn’t good, I usually still find myself interested in finishing it.

This book was different than most, as it was written from the perspective of a German observing the war going on around her, and went back and forth between present day and the war. I’m not sure that I’ve read any book that talked about this angle, so it was interesting to think about what a single German woman would have had to endure to keep herself safe from everything going on. There were parts of the story I found a little slow, but overall I really enjoyed it! Like many books, including Gone Girl, I kind of wished the explicit descriptions of anything sexual were left out (lots of the details were just so not necessary for the story), but I’m sure it doesn’t bother others.


I’m looking forward to my next read, The Weight of Silence by Heather Gudenkauf, about two little girls that go missing and how their families are brought together from the tragedy. (I know, uplifting book choices here!)








3 thoughts on “Recent Reads

  1. Well I wish I had something to say about these books, but I don’t even know the last time I finished a book! I have 3 that I am in the middle of, with no motivation in sight to finish them. Good job though!

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