Chevron Chenille Blanket

I’m finally to the age where all my friends are starting to have babies, or at least think about it! 🙂  I’ve had this blanket tutorial saved for months, and when a close friend told me she was expecting, I decided it was time to try it out. They are finding out today if it’s a boy or girl; I think if it’s a boy I will give this one to them, but if it’s a girl I’m definitely making a pink one (with a few modifications)!

This project is a little tedious, in that you have to sew a lot of zig zags. You are basically sewing along both edges of every blue chevron, across the entire blanket. Personally, I found this to be a great excuse to watch 6 straight hours of Downton Abbey and drink champagne, but I can see how it could be overwhelming!


I think this blanket would serve more as one to lay on the floor for your baby, or use over their lap in the stroller. While the chenille part is made of flannel and not rough, it’s not exactly soft enough to want to cuddle up with. I used this aqua and white chevron, along with 3 colors of flannel  (dark blue, light blue, and white); the flannel colors don’t exactly match the aqua, and I think next time I would do a better job of coordinating them a little closer. After you’ve sewn all the edges, you flip the blanket over and cut through the 3 layers of flannel, being careful to not go through the top chevron material. I found this easiest to do on the floor, making sure to use scissors that didn’t have a super sharp tip.

Once all the sewing and cutting is done, all that’s left is the binding, then you wash and dry it and the felt bunches up to look like chenille. I do wish I had extra chevron fabric for the binding, as you can see in the original tutorial, but I bought it at a shop over an hour away, and only had enough for the blanket itself. I do love grey though, so am happy with how it turned out!



Click here for the tutorial from Aesthetic Nest




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