Oodles of eggs


I really don’t remember discussing getting chickens with my husband. It certainly never crossed my mind growing up that I would own more than a dog, I mean, I am not a farm girl.

One Sunday, he suggested we go to Wilco and look at the chicks; we came home with 4 chicks, a heat lamp, and all the other supplies we needed to keep them alive. Two years later we’ve still got them, as well as lots and lots of eggs!

Mostly I love having access to fresh eggs! They taste better, they’re brown and blue instead of white, and free (kind of). I try to stay on top of using them, but every so often, I look in the fridge and realize we have at least a dozen in there, plus clean ones next to the sink and some from the day before by the door that still need to be washed. During the summer I’ll make an angle food cake and call it good, but this winter I’ve been trying to find recipes that allow us to use the eggs for dinner.

Here are links to some of my favorites! Even if you buy your eggs from the store (although I would recommend fresh… we’re never going back now that we’ve tasted the difference), these recipes will be delicious!


Ginger Fried Rice / Smitten Kitchen
This is actually in our top 5 favorite dinners, ever. We absolutely love the crispy ginger/garlic topping, and the spicy sesame oil is really addicting. I have leeks in my fridge right now so we can have this sometimes this weekend!

Cauliflower Parmesan Cake / Smitten Kitchen
Not a cake in the dessert sense, that’s for sure; we loved this for dinner with a side salad. It was something really different, and vegetarian! The one thing I did differently was to roast the cauliflower, instead of cooking on the stovetop. I firmly believe vegetables always taste better when roasted and browned in the oven!

(Hey! I actually wrote about this myself 2 years ago. AND I mentioned my dream of meeting Deb, from Smitten Kitchen, and now I have. I’m the proud owner of a signed copy of her new cookbook. Recipe link)

Bacon Cheddar Waffles / Shutterbean
I actually haven’t made these exact waffles yet, but we’ve been eating lots of cheddar waffles with over-easy eggs for dinner lately. The best part is it uses eggs in the batter, and eggs on the waffle, so it’ll take up half of our supply pretty quickly. Tracy mentions in this post that she frequently has waffles in the freezer, something I’ve been meaning to do! I have so many great memories of eating homemade and eggo waffles growing up, and would love to have some on hand.

Quinoa Salad
I don’t usually follow a recipe for this, but a few times a month I’ll cook a cup of dry quinoa in water, the mix in whatever I have on hand and top with an over-easy egg! Most recently I mixed it with roasted brussel sprouts, sauteed red onion and garlic, and some balsamic vinegar. I’ve also tried combinations similar to this, more Mexican in influence. A great, easy, filling dinner!


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