The Girls

Introducing… “The Girls”.  Hopefully these little ladies will provide lots of eggs towards the end of this year, which will then be the source of lots of recipes on the blog!  So far they have done nothing but cost time and money, but we’re sure it’ll pay off eventually!  That one in the front is kind of a butthead (or at least that’s what I call her).  She is definitely the boss of the bunch, and likes to reach through the wire to try and “bite” me!  (Can a chicken bite?  I mean it’s definitely not pecking, but maybe thats the intention.  Not sure on the proper terminology here.)

My gracious husband built them a fantastic coop on wheels, so we can move it around the yard.  All that’s left to finish it off is installing the nesting boxes and roost, which just keep getting put off.  All in good time. 🙂


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