It’s true.  I made doughnuts this weekend.  Dough.  Fried in Crisco.  It sounds kind of horrifying so I try not to think about it, because the results were so good!  I am really not a doughnut person, there are lots of other things I would rather have in the morning (first and foremost being a BAGEL! [coming next weekend I hope]), but still, these were yummy!

And because I’m feeling lazy, here’s the link to the recipe. 🙂  For the fruit filling I made strawberry rhubarb, which was freaking awesome.  I think they were all equally popular though, so you’ll just have to experiment!

Doughnuts (again Cook’s Illustrated, I love you)


One thought on “Doughnuts

  1. Those were AWESOME BTW!! The ones with the red goop were the best…and yes, I’m sure its called “red goop”! Cool blog Ashley!

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